Craving a Cookie or TWO?

Craving a Cookie or TWO? Chocolate Chip CookiesHow about TWO chewy,

gooey chocolate chip cookies?


This is great! – A recipe for just TWO chocolate chip cookies.

It is usually a grey rainy day that triggers  my craving for  chocolate chip cookies (see Rainy Day Comfort Food). At times, I’ve ventured out to find a cookie to satisfy my craving, but it is more in the baking than the actual eating of it that is most satisfying to me, especially on a rainy day!

To be able to bake just TWO cookies instead of an entire batch is worth a try. I’ve done the freezer thing with the balls of cookie dough ready for a fresh baked cookie or two. Those don’t seem to last very long…that raw cookie dough, even frozen, constantly beckons me. (why bother heating the oven?!)

Shared by theKitchn, “this recipe for just TWO chewy, gooey chocolate chip cookies is totally brilliant”

Spring is actually bursting out all over here in the southwest (the sun is shining, birds are singing, Palo Verde trees are blooming into bright yellow clouds of color, and the air is sweet with fragrance) – the days are heavenly  . . . with NO RAIN in the forecast. This is normal for us and probably a good thing or I’d be baking a lot of cookies – which is why this recipe for just TWO chocolate chip cookies is so great!

oh . . . . I love a rainy day,    I love a rainy day,   I love a rainy day. . .

I love to hear the thunder,

watch the lightening when it lights up the sky. . .

Oh, I love a rainy day,  I love . . . to bake cookies. . . . on a rainy day. . .

  You know it makes me feel good. . . .

I just might have to use a sunny-day excuse . . . why wait for a rainy day to make chewy, gooey chocolate chip cookies?!


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Bring on those dark stormy days – rain or snow – Or just bring on another bright sunny day ….any way you look at it, it’s a great day for cookies  (baking or just eating) – especially chocolate chip cookies.  Comfort food – rain or shine!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mania

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks this way.    Here from are 12 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes – 1 a month for a year! (or less, depending on your desire and eagerness!)

Which is the BEST?

Does there need to be a Best – how about a FAVORITE?

This is Chocolate Chip Cookie Mania – Let’s enjoy the variety!