Zucchini Derby Car Racing


When your zucchini harvest exceeds your ability … or desire… to create another zucchini recipe, go for 

Zucchini Derby Car Racing!Zucchini Derby Car

Here is a fun and clever event to involve all ages – a take-off on the Boy Scouts’ Pinewood Derby Cars and races -these vehicles are made with zucchinis and dressed up and decorated with non-food items. Since these cars are expected to actually roll down the track, the use of wooden wheels is acceptable.

Zucchini Derby Cars Lined up to RaceZucchini Derby Car Race Track










A track of sorts is required so gravity can help but otherwise — improvise!

Zucchini Derby Car

Not all Food Art needs to be eaten!




Easy-to-Eat Pumpkins and Ghosts

Happy Halloween!

These Easy-to-Eat Pumpkins and Ghosts are perfect for anytime during Halloween Fun. Easy-to-make and Healthy, too!

Easy-Eat Pumpkins and Ghosts

Fantastic Food Art – This is Cake?

This is Cake?  This is amazing!

Fantastic Food Art - Cake?

This looks like a porcelain figurine

Who would even want to ‘cut’ into this gorgeous creature – cake or not?!


Image: This is a cake – 9GAG

Food Art – Apple Swans “How To”

Food Art is easy!

 Learn to make these graceful Swans! This easy to follow “How To” video shows step by step.

Food Art - Apple Swans "How To"

Ever wonder how these attractive works of art are created?

There are clever and very capable chefs who whip these lovely carved creations out in no time!

A l-o-n-g  time ago, I was given some small slender knives and a booklet of instructions for similar creations and I though SOME day – maybe – I will give this a try!

This video makes it look easy!

Now- as soon as I get some apples  – I WILL give it a try!

Here are a few of the steps:

Food Art - Apple Swan "How To"

Food Art - Apple Swan "How To"

Food Art - Apple Swan "How To"

Food Art - Apple Swan "How To"

 Food Art - Apple Swan "How To"

Food Art - Apple Swan "How To"

Watch this video and give it a try!


Happy Heart’s Day!

Happy Heart's Day!


May your day be filled with Joy and Happiness

and your heart filled with Love !


Happy Heart's Day








Food Art Images source unknown




Gourmet Ghoul Greetings

This fun collection of unusual Ghouls is quite an unexpected greeting on Halloween!



S U R P R I S E !

These friendly  Ghouls foods are quite extraordinary !!!

Ghouls Galore

More Creative FOOD ART and other FUN STUFF

Are you ready?  You are going to enjoy this!  

Here is one of the cutest ideas yet . . . for now.  But read on!! There is more and it seems to just get better.                      And  THEN … when you get to the end … there is a source for even more fun stuff  and nifty ideas not even related to food!!

Can you believe how creative people are?!

Almost too precious to eat — but so luscious, one can hardly wait to  dive in and devour!  Although, I’m not quite sure how one is supposed to actually to that.  They are colorful and quite captivating!

Creative Food Art and Other Fun Stuff

Then there is the Sesame Street Collection …. a healthier offering and every bit as clever and creative — and inviting. Offer these with a Cookie Monster Cake  for dessert and you have a perfect party!

Creative Food Art and other Fun Stuff

And for a unique and healthy Halloween offering:

Creative Food Art and Other Fun Stuff

One more — too precious not to share.   This was sent to me because it looks like our late Bichon -Bogie, who visits frequently from the non-physical world through pictures like this on the internet!

Creative Food Art and other Fun Stuff

NOW . . .  Are you ready for more Fun Stuff and Nifty Ideas?

Visit this site and be prepared to be entertained!


“All Aboard! Who’s on the Veggie Train?”

More Fun Food-Art

Not only an adorable Veggie Train – there is also the Fruity Train – both great ideas for fun – and edible – food center pieces!

Veggie Train Food Art


Fruity Train Food Art



From Raw Food Rehab:  “All Aboard! Who’s on the Veggie Train? More veggie cuteness via Sunwarrior