Are You A Coffee Snob?

Here is a fun whimsical view of Coffee and Coffee Drinkers. Are You a Coffee Snob?

Coffee is not merely a beverage on the morning menu, it is a right. Some of us need coffee for our brains to function correctly and some of us really, really love the taste. Others of us enjoy the ritual as much as anything.

Talking to a coffee drinker, their investment in the stuff becomes obvious. Within five minutes, you’ll definitely know whether you’re talking to a casual coffee drinker, or a straight up coffee snob. Below are a few things only a coffee snob would understand. Are YOU a coffee snob?

 Pre-Ground Coffee Is Not An Option

Are You a Coffee Snob?

Who knows how along ago it was ground?

Making Morning Pour-Over Is Actually Kind Of Meditative

Are You a Coffee Snob?

Until you rip through one Chemex filter, and then every time after that is filled with terrible trepidation.

The Crema Is One Of Life’s Greatest Joys

Are You a Coffee Snob?

That’s not steamed milk, man. That’s just what espresso DOES.

How It Feels When Someone Says ‘Expresso’

Are You a Coffee Snob?

Our brains. OUR BRAINS.

You Are Way More Interested In How Recently The Coffee Was Roasted

Than How Dark/Caffeinated It Is

Are You a Coffee Snob?

We know, French Roast people. You love how bitter it is.

“Coffee Creamer” Will Do No Such Thing

Are You a Coffee Snob?

Powder does not belong in coffee.

The Stuff In Here Is A LAST RESORT

Are You a Coffee Snob?

We’re really sorry it’s come to this. Are you at your in-laws’ or something?

This Is One Of The Nicest Things Someone Can Do For You

Are You a Coffee Snob?

And a good morning to you TOO, sir.

This Isn’t Coffee

Are You a Coffee Snob?

 This is dessert.

This Mostly Gets Used For Cold Brew Now

Are You a Coffee Snob?

Hot coffee-making has moved on to greener pastures, like the Aeropress and the Chemex.

You Know What This Is Called And How It Works

Are You A Coffee Snob?

(For the rest of you, this is a siphon system and it works like a magical coffee vacuum.)

Adapted from an animated Huffington Post

Tuesday Tidbit: Captivating Coffee – A Few More Facts


  • Captivating Coffee FactsBrazil is the world’s biggest producer of coffee by a wide margin, followed by Vietnam and Colombia.    In fact, in 2011 Brazil produced nearly twice as much as Vietnam and Colombia combined and a third of all of the coffee produced in the entire world. This statistic has remained fairly constant for the last 150 years!
  • There are two main types of coffee “beans” – Arabica and Robusta.    Robusta plants are grown at low elevation and produce less flavorful coffee beans. However, Arabica plants are grown at high altitudes and produce the best tasting and highest quality coffee beans.
  • Despite what most people think, an espresso has 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of coffee due to serving sizes.    Consider throwing a double- or triple-shot into your favorite beverage, because just one might not cut it for the more hardcore caffeine addicts. Or you could make a Red Eye- a shot of espresso inside a cup of coffee, or as we like to call it, beanception.

And yet…

  • The drink “Americano” comes from when American GIs in WWII would order their espresso with water because it was too strong .   Sort of funny when you think about how tough soldiers are supposed to be: Asking for your hosts to water down their coffee because it’s too strong for you definitely isn’t the most rugged of requests.


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