Fun Football Food

Ready for the Big Game?

… here is some Fun FOOTBALL Food for any game time!

How fun is this?? A simple ‘football’ shaped meatloaf cleverly decorated with cheese is perfect for any  game day but especially Super Bowl!

Not a meat eater?  This great idea and simple presentation can even be adapted to yummy veggie-based loafs and burgers.

Fun Football Food



Get the Meatloaf recipe here

Get a non-meat loft recipe here

Easter Bunnies and Chicks – Springtime Fun

Hippity Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail

How cute are these? – Almost too cute to eat! These little Easter bunnies and chicks will bring fun and delight to your Easter dinner or any spring-time celebration.

Easter Bunnies and Chicks – Springtime Fun

Easter Bunnies and Chicks – Springtime Fun








People are so creative! I am constantly amazed at what cute little creations come hopping along. These bunnies and chicks are perfect examples.

These adorable little  Bunnies look easy enough to make. They didn’t come with instructions other than this photo   It looks easy enough: small balls of dough for dinner rolls are snipped to make the ears before baking (it looks like they must already be raised and ready for the oven at snipping time).  And, of course, make the little eyes with a polk from a  skewer or chopstick.Easter Bunnies and Chicks – Springtime Fun






Perky little Deviled Egg Chicks  created by Chris Eileen Preston, will require a bit more finesse. She says she made them for Easter a few years ago and never imagined her cute little creations would become ‘world famous’.Easter Bunnies and Chicks – Springtime Fun

Here are the instructions and filling recipe as shared by Chris Eileen Preston:

“I cup the egg on my palm and wrap my fingers around it to support the sides.  Then I very carefully loosen the yolk with a very tiny sharp paring knife.

The filling is:  “mayonnaise, mustard, pickle juice, garlic and onion powder, salt, sugar. Keep the filling stiff. I beat it with an electric hand mixer and use a large star tip with a coupler on a cake decorating bag.

Push the tip down into the egg as far as you can without ripping the white. Then slowly withdraw it as you fill, moving it around so you have no air pockets.

The eyes are black food gel coloring dotted on with the small end of a chop stick. The beak is a wedge of cheddar cheese.”

Pepper corns or pieces of black olives also work for the eyes and a wedge of sliced raw carrot can also be used for the beak.

The flowers are the part sliced off the big end to make them sit straighter and then filled with the star tip.

Have a Happy – and Delicious – Easter!

Easter Bunnies and Chicks - Springtime Fun



Truly Edible Food Art

Truly Edible Food Art!

We had fun with our  ‘truly-creative’ little girls making – AND EATING – these cute pancakes !

Edible Food Art

Bananas, Apple slices, Blueberries, & Pomegranate Seeds top pancakes making cute animal faces.

Add a little maple syrup and eat up!

Edible Food Art  Edible Food Art






They aren’t fancy but they were definitely edible and delicious!!


Truly Edible Food Art

Truly Edible Food Art

Great Food and Fun Times!