Turkey Treat?

Turkey Treat?

For the non-Turkey lovers and others who might want an alternative, this is an interesting option!

Turkey Treat?

Then again, could it just be considered Edible Food Art?


Rice Crispy Treats, artfully formed into a turkey roasted turkey shape and stuffed with M&Ms providing a sweet alternative to the real deal or at least a turkey-themed dessert.

Tag this to use next Thanksgiving or for those who like turkey for Christmas dinner- use it this year!




Easy-to-Eat Pumpkins and Ghosts

Happy Halloween!

These Easy-to-Eat Pumpkins and Ghosts are perfect for anytime during Halloween Fun. Easy-to-make and Healthy, too!

Easy-Eat Pumpkins and Ghosts

Let’s Eat Cake! – Watermelon Cake?

Let’s Eat Cake!

Watermelon Cake! 

Let's Eat Cake! - Watermelon Cake?

 Funny thing is. . . during our first conversations about this cake ‘challenge’ we had some discussion about who might want which cakes… pick and choose? or random drawings?

The conversation went something like this:

ap: “I haven’t looked at the list – I’ll wait until you divide them up.  You can just do it randomly, or all you others can chose the ones you want and I’ll take what’s left.   And what I get makes no difference to me (as long as they don’t have watermelon or licorice in them!)”

hj: ”I” get any with watermelon and licorice!!!  Dibs!  hahaha!   (ewwwww….)

 jm: “watermelon and licorice cakes – ewww – I agree = no thanks on my end !! UNLESS it is a watermelon shape/decorated cake! but no licorice”

And then. . . there it was!

ap: “Speaking of cakes…!!  — “No Bake Watermelon Cake Recipe”

The next ‘round’ of recipes went out with the ‘extra’ recipe for watermelon cake!

 jmThe Watermelon Cake * is up for grabs and would be a good ‘summer’ cake. If anyone decides to make it, please share your experience with us all!!

 hj: “I’ll volunteer to make the watermelon cake “sometime” this summer!”

And now. . . HERE IT IS!!

 “No Bake Watermelon Cake” Let's Eat Cake! - Watermelon Cake?

Simple ingredients:  1 Large Watermelon, Blueberries, Raspberries, Almonds, Whipped cream or Coconut Whipped cream.

Simple instructions:  Cut watermelon in a circle like a cake, ‘frost’ with whipped cream, add almonds to sides, decorate the top with berries.

It was really very easy and makes an attractive and impressive presentation.

One suggestion I have is to take courage and just CUT the circle out. I thought I needed to use as much of the watermelon as possible, so I more or less ‘peeled’ it and ended up with a ‘top hat’ shaped cake. It also didn’t need to be as big of a watermelon as I used (about 8 pounds – wish I had taken a photo of the un-cut melon).

Let's Eat Cake! - Watermelon Cake?

I also experimented with whipped coconut cream to avoid dairy and was pleased.  Use coconut cream (not milk), well chilled with any liquid drained off, sweeten with sugar like whipping cream.

Let's Eat Cake! - Watermelon Cake?

It was really juicy at first. The recipe suggests ‘patting it down” with a paper towel before frosting which I did. It was still juicy when cut, but the left-over stayed almost a week in the refrigerator… and was still very good – maybe even better than the first day!

Should this be categorized as Edible Food Art? Healthy Cake? Gluten Free? Vegan? No-bake or just ‘Cake’ ? It is definitely fun and delicious!

The perfect healthy “No Bake Watermelon Cake Recipe” is from Jennifer Garza. Visit Jennifer’s blog for more exciting information and recipes.



Fantastic Food Art – This is Cake?

This is Cake?  This is amazing!

Fantastic Food Art - Cake?

This looks like a porcelain figurine

Who would even want to ‘cut’ into this gorgeous creature – cake or not?!


Image: This is a cake – 9GAG

Food Art – Apple Swans “How To”

Food Art is easy!

 Learn to make these graceful Swans! This easy to follow “How To” video shows step by step.

Food Art - Apple Swans "How To"

Ever wonder how these attractive works of art are created?

There are clever and very capable chefs who whip these lovely carved creations out in no time!

A l-o-n-g  time ago, I was given some small slender knives and a booklet of instructions for similar creations and I though SOME day – maybe – I will give this a try!

This video makes it look easy!

Now- as soon as I get some apples  – I WILL give it a try!

Here are a few of the steps:

Food Art - Apple Swan "How To"

Food Art - Apple Swan "How To"

Food Art - Apple Swan "How To"

Food Art - Apple Swan "How To"

 Food Art - Apple Swan "How To"

Food Art - Apple Swan "How To"

Watch this video and give it a try!


Easter Bunnies and Chicks – Springtime Fun

Hippity Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail

How cute are these? – Almost too cute to eat! These little Easter bunnies and chicks will bring fun and delight to your Easter dinner or any spring-time celebration.

Easter Bunnies and Chicks – Springtime Fun

Easter Bunnies and Chicks – Springtime Fun








People are so creative! I am constantly amazed at what cute little creations come hopping along. These bunnies and chicks are perfect examples.

These adorable little  Bunnies look easy enough to make. They didn’t come with instructions other than this photo   It looks easy enough: small balls of dough for dinner rolls are snipped to make the ears before baking (it looks like they must already be raised and ready for the oven at snipping time).  And, of course, make the little eyes with a polk from a  skewer or chopstick.Easter Bunnies and Chicks – Springtime Fun






Perky little Deviled Egg Chicks  created by Chris Eileen Preston, will require a bit more finesse. She says she made them for Easter a few years ago and never imagined her cute little creations would become ‘world famous’.Easter Bunnies and Chicks – Springtime Fun

Here are the instructions and filling recipe as shared by Chris Eileen Preston:

“I cup the egg on my palm and wrap my fingers around it to support the sides.  Then I very carefully loosen the yolk with a very tiny sharp paring knife.

The filling is:  “mayonnaise, mustard, pickle juice, garlic and onion powder, salt, sugar. Keep the filling stiff. I beat it with an electric hand mixer and use a large star tip with a coupler on a cake decorating bag.

Push the tip down into the egg as far as you can without ripping the white. Then slowly withdraw it as you fill, moving it around so you have no air pockets.

The eyes are black food gel coloring dotted on with the small end of a chop stick. The beak is a wedge of cheddar cheese.”

Pepper corns or pieces of black olives also work for the eyes and a wedge of sliced raw carrot can also be used for the beak.

The flowers are the part sliced off the big end to make them sit straighter and then filled with the star tip.

Have a Happy – and Delicious – Easter!

Easter Bunnies and Chicks - Springtime Fun



Muppet Mania

Muppets Movie May Create Mania

The Muppets are already the most wanted for party themes and foods.

With The Muppets Most Wanted Movie in theaters this Friday (3/21/14), Muppet Mania could dominate the party scene.

Muppet Mania

From easy-to-make fruit and vegetable platters to more intricately decorated cakes (see “How to make a Cookie Monster Cake“), the Muppets are colorful and cute and easily become clever food creations.

Elmo takes the cake for the most popular . . .

Muppet Mania

but Cookie Monster, Muppet Mania

 Kermit,Muppet Mania

and all their friends are plentiful among party platters and foods.

Everyone has a favorite Muppet – Which one is yours?

Image Credits:  ownzee.com; party city; raw food revolution; party ideas by a pro; great food fun places

Truly Edible Food Art

Truly Edible Food Art!

We had fun with our  ‘truly-creative’ little girls making – AND EATING – these cute pancakes !

Edible Food Art

Bananas, Apple slices, Blueberries, & Pomegranate Seeds top pancakes making cute animal faces.

Add a little maple syrup and eat up!

Edible Food Art  Edible Food Art






They aren’t fancy but they were definitely edible and delicious!!


Truly Edible Food Art

Truly Edible Food Art

Great Food and Fun Times!







Happy Heart’s Day!

Happy Heart's Day!


May your day be filled with Joy and Happiness

and your heart filled with Love !


Happy Heart's Day








Food Art Images source unknown




Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Fun

It’s Girl Scout cookie season!  

Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge

And the “Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge” is underway in Arizona

Arizona Girls Scouts have launched the “Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge”.   This contest – the first of its kind  – is being hosted by the Girl Scout Arizona Cactus Pine Council (GSACPC) with assistance from some talented local chefs. 

One of the girls of the Arizona Council suggested that her troop donate a portion of their cookie sales to Camp Sombrero a 14.5 acre urban camp situated at the base of South Mountain in Maricopa County.  To increase the cookie sales, the Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge was created.

Local chefs were invited to participate by using Girl Scout Cookies and their “culinary prowess to re-imagine” one of the Girl Scout cookies into a custom dessert menu item. Each chef has been assigned one of the six Girl Scout cookies types and challenged with the task of creating a tasty dessert to be served at their restaurant through the month of February.

Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge Watch one of the chefs preparing his cookie dessert, “Girl Scout Cookie Roll”  (recipe follows) in this news clip from abc15 Phoenix.

The chefs are seeking votes from patrons for the title of  “Champion” of this first-ever Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge. The restaurants are  also donating a portion of their in-house dessert sales to the troop for their Camp Sombero campaign.

BUY YOUR COOKIES! What clever Cookie Dessert will you create?

If you are in the Phoenix or Flagstaff area — or plan on visiting?  (Spring Training Games are happening now!) — here is a list of  Participating restaurants

5 th and Wine
Location: 7051 E. 5 th Avenue in Scottsdale
Assigned Cookie: Samoas
Dessert: Samoa Bread Pudding

Beckett’s Table
Location: 3717 E. Indian School Road in Arcadia
Assigned Cookie: Tagalongs
Dessert: Tagalong Napoleon

Blue Wasabi
Location: 2080 E. William Field Road in Gilbert
Assigned Cookie: Trefoils
Dessert: Girl Scout Cookie Roll

Café Bink
Location: 36889 N. Tom Darlington Drive in Carefree
Assigned Cookie: Trefoils
Dessert: Trefoil Jamboree Ice Cream Push Pop

Location: 2625 E. Queen Creek Road in Chandler
Assigned Cookie: Thin Mints
Dessert: Cookie: Kick-Off Ice Cream Sandwich

Location: 11055 N. Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale
Assigned Cookie: Tagalongs
Dessert: Tagalong Shake Rattle & Roll

Lumberyard Brewery
Location: 5 S. San Francisco Street in Flagstaff
Assigned Cookie: Samoas
Dessert: Samoa Turtle Cheesecake

Olive + Ivy
Location: 7135 E. Camelback Road in Scottsdale
Assigned Cookie: Trefoils
Dessert: Blueberry Cheesecake with Girl Scout Cookie Crust Gelato

Salty Sow
Location: 4801 E. Cactus Road in Phoenix
Assigned Cookie: Samoas
Dessert: Samoa Cookie Coconut Cream Pie in a Jar

The Herb Box Southbridge
Location: 7134 E. Stetson Drive in Scottsdale
Assigned Cookie: Thin Mints
Dessert: Choco Thin Mint Ice Cream Sandwich

The Herb Box DC Ranch
Location: 20707 North Pima Road in Scottsdale
Assigned Cookie: Savannah Smiles
Dessert: Savannah Smiles Sunshine Icebox Pie

Tom’s Thumb
Location: 9393 E. Bell Road in Scottsdale
Assigned Cookie: Do-Si-Do
Dessert: Do-Si-Do Apple Pie

Location: 1840 S. Val Vista Drive in Mesa
Assigned Cookie: Tagalong
Dessert: Tagalong Tiramisu

For more information on the challenge, please visit:  http://www.girlscoutsaz.org/cookie-fun



Blue Wasabi – Girl Scout Cookie Roll:


2 Fruit Roll Ups (full size)

3 Rice Krispie treat squares

8 Samoas cookies

6 Trefoils cookies

Whip cream can

Caramel sauce

Chocolate sauce

Strawberry puree sauce

Preparation: Lay fruit roll ups down overlapping the shorter sides by 1/2 inch. Unwrap Rice Krispie treats and place in microwave for 20 seconds. Push Rice Krispie treats down onto the Fruit Roll Up and spread them onto the Fruit Roll Up into one even layer so no Fruit Roll Up is showing. Turn upside down so the Rice Krispie treat is on the cutting board and the Fruit Roll Up is facing up. Break four Samoas in half and lay them down, overlapping just a little bit in one line lengthwise across the Fruit Roll Up. Break three Trefoils into pieces and lay them on top of the Samoas. Roll the rollup to look like a sushi roll. Break four Samoas in half and lay them across the top of the roll. Use a sushi rolling mat to crimp the roll into shape and push the Samoas down into the top. Cut into 9 pieces. Place the roll lengthwise on a plate with each piece offset slightly from the one ahead of it. Place a dollop of whip cream on each piece and generously drizzle caramel, chocolate and strawberry puree on top of the roll. Crunch up remaining Trefoils and sprinkle cookie crumbles on top of the roll.




Image: Girl Scouts Az.

Video: abc15 Phoenix