Tuesday Tidbit: Captivating Coffee – A Few More Facts


  • Captivating Coffee FactsBrazil is the world’s biggest producer of coffee by a wide margin, followed by Vietnam and Colombia.    In fact, in 2011 Brazil produced nearly twice as much as Vietnam and Colombia combined and a third of all of the coffee produced in the entire world. This statistic has remained fairly constant for the last 150 years!
  • There are two main types of coffee “beans” – Arabica and Robusta.    Robusta plants are grown at low elevation and produce less flavorful coffee beans. However, Arabica plants are grown at high altitudes and produce the best tasting and highest quality coffee beans.
  • Despite what most people think, an espresso has 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of coffee due to serving sizes.    Consider throwing a double- or triple-shot into your favorite beverage, because just one might not cut it for the more hardcore caffeine addicts. Or you could make a Red Eye- a shot of espresso inside a cup of coffee, or as we like to call it, beanception.

And yet…

  • The drink “Americano” comes from when American GIs in WWII would order their espresso with water because it was too strong .   Sort of funny when you think about how tough soldiers are supposed to be: Asking for your hosts to water down their coffee because it’s too strong for you definitely isn’t the most rugged of requests.


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Tuesday Tidbit: A Few Fun Facts About Coffee

This started as a fun list of “12 Awesome Facts About Coffee” but with further research, more awesome facts were discovered, so here are just a few fun facts to get started and more will be added over time.

  •  Coffee is actually a fruit –  a cherry. 

Coffee Cherry

Coffee CherriesCoffee comes from a tree or bush that bears cherry fruit. The coffee bean is the seed that resides within the cherry. If the coffee itself wasn’t such a valuable and tasty commodity we might see coffee cherries in the grocery store. The coffee cherrie’s taste is one of a very delicious tart fruit that some describe as light, honey, sweet, peachy and watermelon.


  • One coffee tree yields only about one pound of roasted coffee each year. 
  • The word “coffee” comes from the Arabic “qahhwat al-bun,” meaning “wine of the bean.” Awesome Coffee Facts

This tidbit is brought to you by the people who want you to feel classier while drinking your morning beverage. Remember; you’re not desperately trying to get yourself awake for work after a sleepless night, you’re enjoying a little wine of the bean!

  • Legend has it that coffee was discovered by Ethiopian shepherds who discovered their goats dancing around after eating the beans. Discovered by Goats             

  Yup you heard right coffee was first discovered by a goat!

More specifically a young goat herder by the name of Kaldi in the 9th-century. He noticed his goats acting strange when they ate the cherries from the coffee tree so he tried it for himself. This story does not show up in writings until the 16th-century but it is a good  story and it sounds very plausible.

How exactly do goats dance?  Or…do goats need coffee to act strange, be giddy  and appear to dance around?  In any case, we’re forever grateful for the contribution of these anonymous, possibly-fictional 9th century goat herders; without them, restless New Yorkers would have no way to wake up in the morning! Awesome Facts about Coffee

  • New York drinks about 7 times as much coffee as the rest of the world

    Well, they DO call it the city that never sleeps….maybe this is why? You know, New Yorkers, we’ve heard it helps if you don’t drink any coffee after sunset. Just a tip.




  • These Awesome Facts about coffee are brought to you by Coffee Cup News, Coffee Fact Sheet, Coffee Time, Spot On Lists, DailyPix, and TinyBytes.

Coffee & Wine?

For coffee addicts and wine connoiseurs –  a cozy ‘chic’ environment offering rich coffees, elegant wines, refreshing teas, and fresh seasonal fare.

Talebu Coffee and Wine CafeCoffee and Wine

Talebu Coffee and Wine Cafe, is “not an ordinary coffe shop but an experinece with panache”. With gracious inside seating, including small vignettes for ‘cozy’ conversations, tables for computer work, and an area for entertainers (open to local artists, musicians, and live acts), and outside seating for enjoying the beautiful Arizona weather.

Talebu Coffee and Wine Cafe

Talebu Coffee and Wine Cafe

Talebu Coffee and Wine Cafe

Talebu Coffee and Wine Cafe

Talebu Coffee and Wine Cafe

Talebu Coffee and Wine Cafe


Tuesday Tidbits:

ALMOST everyone loves chocolate (I actually have a family member who doesn’t! – yes, he is teased a lot and the rest of us just can’t quite figure it out, but we accommodate him…and still love him!)

For the rest of us, chocolate seems to be IT…rich, decadent, the ultimate satisfaction in eating. And now it is being revived as HEALTHY! Hooray for us! Revived? Yes…supposedly as far back as 1600’s, a delicious chocolate drink from Spain was considered healthy and chocolate drinking houses opened up. Just imagine – instead of a coffee house on every corner, a Chocolate House…..Let’s meet for chocolate…

The history of chocolate is fun to trace: originating in South America, finding its way to Europe and then back to the Americas with The Hershey Company being the largest chocolate manufacturer in North america and one of the oldest in the United States.

Chocolate is embraced worldwide. Here is a fun view of the history this delicacy via Gourmet Live Blog

Every February 14th love-struck men and women spend more than 1 billion dollars on chocolate products. Blame Cupid for the love-struck part, but why chocolate? What does chocolate really have to do with the most romantic day of the year? Here’s a brief history of chocolate and Valentine’s Day.

Our infatuation with chocolate first began 2,000 years ago when it was discovered in Latin America. The Maya and Aztec elites infused cocoa beans with water to form frothy chocolate drinks – the first frappuccinos, if you will – for special occasions and as sacrifices to the gods. The Aztec ruler Montezuma believed that chocolate was an aphrodisiac and routinely drank it before entering his harem, thus increasing chocolate’s popularity and its association with love and romance. As it turns out, he was ahead of his time. Modern-day scientists have linked the chemical phenylethylamine in chocolate to feelings of excitement, attraction and even pleasure.

The rest of Aztec society used cocoa beans as money and were unable to afford to drink it. Thus “gifting” chocolate for consumption was the Aztec version of John Cusak standing outside of your window with a boom-box. Christopher Columbus saw how the Aztecs revered cocoa when he entered the picture in the sixteenth century and immediately took the luxury product back to Queen Isabella of Spain. Chocoholics sprouted up all over Europe, sharing the legend of their new obsession’s alleged mythical powers. At one point in time, chocolate was believed to be so potent that nuns were forbidden from eating it and French doctors used it to treat “broken hearts.”

By the 1800s, the Cadbury Brothers set up shop in England and began packaging candies to sell to a mainstream audience. In 1861, in a genius marketing move, Richard Cadbury created the first ever heart-shaped box for Valentine’s Day, spurring the commercialization of the holiday. To this day, every February 14th we all still have a sweet spot for the sweet stuff.



Cappuccino in Columbia

Latte Art is a delightful presentation of ‘decorated’ coffee and is  always done with care. Apparently it is not exclusive to urban coffee houses!  One would not expect to find such care and artistic ability such as this presentation, in a little out-of -the-way place, a “hidden away backpacker’s paradise”, in Columbia, South America.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.57.06 AM

This exquisite work of art was served to an author of a travel blog and his wife in the little town of  Salento, Columbia,  the gateway to the Cocora Valley” where a lot of the different types of coffee beans area grown. Besides coffee beans (and exquisite coffee ‘art’) in the Cocora Valley, one will find the “Parque Nacional de Cafe” (National Coffee Park). This is a theme park offering a museum and exhibitions detailing the history, culture and process of growing and producing coffee. An amusement park also in the valley has rides and shows and is connected to the exhibitions by a cable car (gondola lift); or, one can walk between the two areas via an ecological trail that passes through a plantation of many varieties of coffee bushes.

Perhaps it isn’t such a surprise to discover a carefully (and artistically) decorated Cappucino after all!

Read more…

Grab a cup of coffee and settle back for a delightful and entertaining read from Travellingmoons.

Start at the beginning and learn a little more about Travellingmoons here.

Or find out whatt the Travellingmoons are up to today: http://travellingmoons.blogspot.com




Haute Turkey

Turkeys are becoming quite fashionable and arrived for Thanksgiving Dinners dressed in new styles: 

 From elaborate vegetable and fruit trays to coffee latte art, turkeys are showing up in style!

What new “Haute Turkey” have you tried or seen?



Espresso Yourself…Coffeeology

For all of you ‘Coffee Lovers & Others’   — April shared this for all her “coffee-loving friends”  and I thought all of you  would enjoy it, too!  It seem ‘Espress(o)-ly’  (???) appropriate for a weekend of inclement weather – snow? rain? Or perhaps sunny but chilly ?… even a warm fall day — it IS the weekend and a good time to relax and enjoy a cuppa’ joe while contemplating Coffeeology!



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Coffee Latte Art: Feast for the Eyes and Perfect for the Palate

I truly believe that  the presentation of food changes its flavor and improves the over all experience of any type of food or drink. As Tammy at Prairie Homestead says in her post about finding treasures such as attractive serving dishes at yard sales, “I’m a big believer that you eat with your eyes first”. I agree!

I do believe my coffee tastes better when it is ‘artfully’ served. Whether in a lovely ceramic cup or a paper ‘to go’ container, the ‘coffee art’ on top sets it off and mixes in nicely creating a delicious and satisfying coffee drink.

This Coffee Latte Artwork is becoming a huge aspect of coffee houses and their service.  My first encounter of a lovely decorated latte was at Lola Coffee in Phoenix.

Since then, I have experienced and enjoyed several…especially a variety of designs at Cartel Coffee Lab and other places like Urban Beans.

All of these coffee works of art take talent and is every bit as artful as a painting.

Watching the process is like a magic show.    You see it happening but it is hard to believe what the end result is with just a pouring in of milk and swishing it back and forth a bit. Coffee Art Magic

THOSE are the ones that truly impress me. However, even the others that are decorated with artful movements and additions of dark coffee or even chocolate, are amazing, too, and deserve recognition for talent it took to create them!

The following photos were sent to me by a friend.


And my favorites:

Those magic shows? You just have to watch! Here is another one of the many videos showing this magical talent.

Cartel Time…So Satisfying!

Aaaah…It’s Cartel Time and oh so satisfying. Lovin’ it!

Be Mine?

Ok – It’s TIME!  What are your favorite ways to say “Be Mine” on Valentine’s Day?

It is almost February and fair enough to start thinking about hearts and flowers and chocolates and kisses and … oh so many ways to share them!  Seeing Valentines in the stores before Christmas was a bit disconcerting to me; but now with the new year well underway, February just around the corner, and these emails showing up, I am a lot more excited about Valentines!

There are so many places to go, things to do, and ways to say “I love you” —  let’s get started!   (coffee and chocolate, a picnic, a dance, strawberries and chocolate, more coffee…and this is just a beginning)

From Roger’s Gourmet Coffee

Say “Be Mine” with a Chocolate Coffee Sampler – Save 10%!

From the Farm at South Mountain:

Also available at The Farm for Valentine’s DayQuiessence is open for Dinner on Sunday and Monday; Morning Glory Cafe is open on Monday.

From Starbucks:          Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Sweetie from Starbucks

AND… From the Hotel Del Coronado:    What could be sweeter?

An Evening of Dining and Dancing at the



Let’s have some fun! How do you like to say ‘Be Mine’?

What are some the most romantic:  Places, Foods, Gifts, and Celebrations you’ve discovered for Valentine’s Day?