My husband and I laugh at our focus on food, especially the way we “travel by food” — plotting and planning our trips by specific food and special restaurants along the way. Our travel plans and schedules revolve around our favorite food discoveries, which often become the highlights of our trips. And we eagerly look forward to traveling those same routes, just for the food and enthusiastically share those travel highlights with anyone who may or may not want to hear about them.

At my husband’s high school class reunion, we discovered a fellow ‘foodie-traveler’ during a delightful conversation with one of his former classmates, who excitedly recommended great eateries for us along the route we were driving home from the reunion.

Realizing we are not alone in ‘traveling by food’,  here we are with “Great Food Fun Places.com” sharing our discoveries, experiences, and recommendations of delicious and delightful dining and fabulous fun

We invite you to share your own exciting experiences of Great Food and Fun Places.  Here’s to TASTY TRAVELS!

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