Pretty Party Cake – Let’s Eat Cake!

Let’s Eat Cake!

Pretty Party Cake for any Celebration


Pretty Party Cake - Let's Eat Cake!

This was a yummy cake and it was easy to make.

I see us making this cake often.

I liked that the two layers are each made separately so I didn’t have to try to cut them straight! Or fill each pan evenly.   Thankfully I read the directions all the way through before beginning the  recipe, so I was aware that the amounts were per layer.  I think it would be fun to add a third layer, which would be easy to do with the recipe measurements as they are.Pretty Party Cake - Let's Eat Cake!


IPretty Party Cake - Let's Eat Cake! did not follow the recipe for all of the frosting. The recipe has you make one frosting for the base and another for the decorative flowers but I would have to buy 3 bags of powdered sugar and 2# of butter.Pretty Party Cake - Let's Eat Cake!


So instead I made the base frosting following the recipe. Then I added some more powdered sugar to make it thicker and colored it for the flowers. We pressed them on wax paper and put them in the freezer because our room temperature was warm. It worked perfectly. There was still left over frosting after we made the flowers and left per flowers (we didn’t put all the flowers we made on the cake).  They make a yummy- cool sweet treat right out of the freezer.

Pretty Party Cake - Let's Eat Cake!

I was also concerned with 2 sticks of butter in the frosting so I compared other buttercream frosting recipes. They all had the same amount of powdered sugar but much less butter and milk. I think that is what makes this one so good and not too sweet.

My hubby has requested this to be his next birthday cake.

I’d say it say it was a big hit! Recipe: Two Layer Cake


  • Nancy says:

    Your cake looks beautiful and those little flowers must be especially fun to make with children. It was a great idea to freeze them. I remember being a little girl and loving little frosting treats like that….yum!

  • Alice says:

    Yay!  Another Winner!

    And so festive, too!  It looks like you could change the colors of the flowers to make any kind of theme -Great Fourth of July cake! or Easter, Thanksgiving,  even Birthday!!  

    Good going!!

  • Hannah says:

    Gorgeous cake – and great pictures!  I love the flowers – smart idea to put them in the freezer (and then eat them as little sweet snacks!  cracked me up, but that’s perfect!).  Glad that ‘hubby’ liked the cake so well, too. It’s very satisfying to turn out a cake like that!  Great job! 🙂

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