Let’s Eat Cake! — Take 2

Let’s Eat Cake!

Take 2 —

Let’s try this again!   The first cake of the challenge was a bit of a flop — a funny but frustrating  “Epic Failure“.  Some of us are a bit cautious about our assignments, but we plan to just “plow through and see what happens!”  So here goes . . . “Let’s Eat Cake! — Take 2”

 The Pink Cake

Let's Eat Cake -- Take 2

With some extra time this morning,  I went ahead and made the cake and got it frosted, instead of baking one day and frosting the next. And just to let you know – all this fancy “mix with the paddle attachment, mix with the whisk attachment ” isn’t happening in my house. One little hand mixer is all I have, and it’ll have to do.

I was intrigued with the part of the recipe where the chocolate is incorporated into the sour cream.  That all worked pretty well.

The cake itself is very moist, and has a nice chocolate flavor.

The Frosting is another issue! 

First of all – an entire pound of butter???  Yikes! I love butter, but this is way over the top for me.

Secondly, my little hand-beater had a tough time toward the end of the butter incorporation – it got a bit thick for the small beater to handle.

I transferred it all to a larger bowl before adding the raspberries.  I used frozen.  At the price of fresh raspberries in this little town it was cost prohibitive to use fresh with the required 4 cups.  (A lovely raspberry patch would be so nice!)

The  buttercream frosting directions do say that the mixture will appear “curdled” somewhere along the line when beating in the butter, but not to worry as it will smooth out as it all gets mixed in.

Well, before adding the raspberries the mixture was nice and smooth and fluffy.  When I mixed in the raspberries, that’s when it “curdled.” I beat the heck out of it, and it never did go back to smooth and fluffy, so I gave up and just put what I had on the cake.


I would  have liked to have added some chocolate curls, but I didn’t have any chocolate for that.

The frosted cake tastes okay, but that “frosting” has just way too much butter in it.  (It actually tasted quite bland before I added the raspberries.)  When I ate my piece of cake I ended up scraping off most of the frosting.

The chocolate cake itself is also kind of bland, but works well with the raspberry flavor of the frosting. I think the cake batter does need a rich frosting of some kind to make it work.

My take on The Pink Cake:

– it’s good, but not good enough for all of the work.

There you have it!

Top photo by Erin Kunkel

Recipe: Epicurious.com

  • Alice says:

    I love the flavor of raspberry and chocolate. But curdled butter? Not so much!

    • Julia says:

      I agree – choc & raspberry together are yummy!
      I’ve made a ‘buttercream’ frosting that was quite tasteless, even with lots of sugar and it just seemed greasy … ugh. This cake might be good with a lovely buttery powdered sugar frosting with raspberries.

      • A Cake Baker says:

        Even before I put in the raspberries the smooth, fluffy “frosting” tasted bland and oily. I didn’t like it at all and I just hoped that the flavor from real raspberries would help. It did, but, as you say, Julia, it was still “fatty” tasting and not appealing at all.

  • Hannah says:

    It’s beautiful!  Looks good enough to eat!  Weird about the frosting –  That’s a ton of butter! We’ll end up getting good enough at this to instinctually know when something is out of whack.  I love raspberries and chocolate together.  Great picture!  Congratulations on your first cake!  🙂

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