Muppet Mania

Muppets Movie May Create Mania

The Muppets are already the most wanted for party themes and foods.

With The Muppets Most Wanted Movie in theaters this Friday (3/21/14), Muppet Mania could dominate the party scene.

Muppet Mania

From easy-to-make fruit and vegetable platters to more intricately decorated cakes (see “How to make a Cookie Monster Cake“), the Muppets are colorful and cute and easily become clever food creations.

Elmo takes the cake for the most popular . . .

Muppet Mania

but Cookie Monster, Muppet Mania

 Kermit,Muppet Mania

and all their friends are plentiful among party platters and foods.

Everyone has a favorite Muppet – Which one is yours?

Image Credits:; party city; raw food revolution; party ideas by a pro; great food fun places

  • Alice says:

    Now, I might even eat more fruit if it was as cute as Cookie Monster! And I still remember your great post on making a Cookie Monster cake – so clever.

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