Oscar Night: Fun & Festive Menus & Recipes

It’s Oscar Time!

And Epicurious.com has done it again with cleverly created menus for Oscar Night celebrations featuring recipes inspired by food themes and food ‘moments’ in each of this year’s Best Picture nominees:

13 Sophisticated Ways to Dress up PopcornSpicy clams and “piccata of the gods” for American Hustle

A pizza-night menu is drawn from Theodore and Samantha’s carnival date in Her  

Outer space-themed dishes such as potato ‘meteors’ and star-shaped Linzer cookies to celebrate the celestial setting of Gravity.

Fruitcake and tea for Philomena whose enthusiasm for and love of food is evident through out the movie.

An over-the-top menu that includes sushi, steak, lobster, and Champagne reflect the lifestyle in The Wolf of Wall Street. With so many extravagant dishes, You may want to scale back this extensive menu or risk ‘incuring the wrath of your CFO and father for spending $26,000 on dinner”.

To see all nine movie-themed menus, read more.

 Plan your Oscar night around your favorite movie or the menu you can’t resist. Or pick one or more recipes from each and create your own one-of-a-kind Oscars feast.

Oscar Night: Fun & Festive Menus

Make more Oscar Night magic at home with:


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Oscar Night: Fun & Festive Menus

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Oscar Night: Fun & Festive Menus

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13 Sophisticated Ways to Dress up Popcorn

13 Sophisticated Ways to Dress up Popcorn








Adapted from Epicurious.com: Best Oscar Party Recipes

Image Credits: Epicurious.com



  • Alice says:

    That’s a cute idea – someday I’m going to have to have an Oscar Party with movie-themed food. Meanwhile, it’s popcorn for me. And it’s all Debbie Reynolds’ fault – the scene in “In and Out” (with Kevin Kline) where Debbie Reynolds hands out huge bowls of popcorn to her family as they settle in to watch the Academy Awards. That popcorn looks So Good!

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