Follow Your Nose to The Stinking Rose

The Stinking Rose

So says their website:

“When in San Francisco, all you have to do is “follow your nose” and it will lead you to one of The-City-By-The-Bay’s most unique and entertaining dining experiences… The Stinking Rose: A Garlic Restaurant.”

So a wild and crazy bunch of fun loving convention goers gave it a try.  And yes – it is unique, entertaining… and Garlicky!  The special room reserved for our group  The Stinking Rose(one of their “whimsical dining rooms decorated with colorful garlic characters and curious memorabilia”) was upstairs – probably a good thing for this ‘wild and crazy’ group!

Named after an historical term for “garlic”,  The Stinking Rose is located in San Francisco’s Little Italy and well known for their menu of garlicky ‘contemporary California-Italian cuisine’.  They claim to serve over 3,000 pounds of garlic each month!

Bagna Cauda Appetizer

Bagna Cauda Appetizer

We started with a ‘garlicky’ appetizer of Bagna Calda (garlic cloves oven roasted in extra virgin olive oil and butter with a hint of anchovies)  and a House Salad (butter lettuce with a garlic dressing), both accompanied by lovely little ‘Italian Bread’ rolls.The Stinking Rose

Sizzling Crab Legs

Sizzling Crab Legs

Our entree choices of Forty Clove Garlic chicken, Sizzling Crab Legs in a secret garlic sauce, Neon Ravioli with garlic basil Alfredo Sauce, or Salmon in a lemon butter caper sauce, were tempered with a side of Pearl couscous with snow peas and red bell peppers.

We finished off with a delicious (non-garlic) dessert of Tiramisu – my favorite!   This one rates high on my list of some of the better Tiramisu offering – but still not as high as the exceptional treat at Kuletto’s or  heavenly version at Bon Appetitto (in San Diego’s Little Italy).

The Stinking RoseSo – the next time you are in San Francisco, consider having a garlic feast and a ‘unique and entertaining’ dining experience amidst whimsical decorations of ‘colorful garlic characters and curious memorabilia’ at The Stinking Rose . But BEWARE – it IS odoriferous and breath mints hardly mask the after-taste

Image credits: The Stinking Rose & Great Food Fun Places

  • Alice says:

    Garlic lover? That’s me. And an entire restaurant dedicated to garlic? Perfect! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the heads up.

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