Burrata Cheese with Roasted Grapes. WOW!!!

Burrata Cheese - WOW!

This  “WOW!!!”  is from a friend of a friend of a friend who shares this:

“I had an amazing dinner with my friend, Peter Gardiner-Harding, at his son Craig’s restaurant, Campognolo, whilst in Toronto last weekend. Here is a video of chef Craig Harding making the finest appetizer I have eaten: Burrata Cheese with Roasted Grapes. WOW!!!”

Burrata Cheese - WOW!


The “WOW!!!” definitely caught my attention so I watched this video,  and … wow! I can hardly wait to try it.

But first:  Just what IS Burrata Cheese? It looks  soft, creamy — yummy!   I thought I might have a better chance of visiting Toronto, before I might find Burrata cheese.  So, I researched (love the internet!) and it is more available that I imagined. There are even guidelines for making my own if I really want to. (I like DIY but I’ll pass on this one just now!)

Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese.  Burrata Cheese - WOW!At first, it appears as a little ball of mozzarella with a twist at the top.   Some sources describe it as an outer shell of  mozzarella with a buttery-rich filling.  Hence the name: Burrata (“buttered” in Italian). Actually, it is a pouch holding soft mozzarella curds and cream which has been described as “thick, spreadable strings of cream, with a slightly sour finish.”

Burrata Cheese - WOW!

Apparently, it was developed  to utilize the ‘scraps’ of mozzarella. Once the hot mozzarella curds are ready to be shaped into whatever form is desired, instead of the familiar stretchy mozzarella strings, a pouch is formed. The pouch is filled with the scraps or ‘rags’ of leftover mozzarella curds, topped with cream, then closed with a twist. Burrata Cheese - WOW!

Traditionally, the finished burrata is wrapped in the leaves of the asphodel plant  but now it can be found in a plastic bag or container.

Burrata is generally served fresh.


Serving suggestions are plentiful… I’m drooling!

Burrata Cheese - WOW!Burrata Cheese - WOW!


  • Alice says:

    Anything “buttery” already has my attention! This looks, and sounds, phenomenal. Thanks! It’ll be a fun one to try.

  • Julia says:

    Tried it. Liked it! Easy to prepare. Not so easy to eat – a bit messy – but worth it! Watch the video for easy to follow recipe and prep. Enjoy!!

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