A Bachelor lands in Christchurch (New Zealand)

. . . doing OK here so far . . . I found a good one bedroom place  for a fairly reasonable amount (by Christchurch standards — everything is outrageously high here due to supply and demand). A Bachelor in Christchurch

The great thing about it is the location..literally five minutes to work walking, two blocks from a giant, gorgeous urban park and botanical gardens, many cool bars and cafés within close walking (staggering) distance.  Central city, art museum and major hospital only two blocks away.

 And across the street from a small urban river that people actually canoe/kayak in (kind of like Boulder, Colorado)…A Bachelor in Christchurch   A Bachelor in Christchurch

Very active outdoor lifestyle and fabulous, always changing weather systems off the ocean..many people jogging, walking, running, biking, skating etc everywhere…giant green trees, grass, ferns, flowers etc all over (Charlotte would love it!).

Haven’t felt any earthquakes yet but that is a serious possibility, almost certainty since this is a very active seismic zone!

People are friendly and outgoing and I’m having a completely different experience this time, so far..not making enough money but making enough to do this, I guess, so it’s all good so far!
The Antigua Boatshed Cafe is a quaint little cafe that has great food and riverside seating and is right across a little parking lot from my apartment …now you get a sense of where I landed and live…I think I did luck out on the bachelor pad!
OK, have to get going and get ready for work!! haha, not used to this kind of schedule!
Take care, best regards to everyone  and especially Charlotte..


Photo credits: Christchurch Chamber of Commerce








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