Coffee Latte Art: Feast for the Eyes and Perfect for the Palate

I truly believe that  the presentation of food changes its flavor and improves the over all experience of any type of food or drink. As Tammy at Prairie Homestead says in her post about finding treasures such as attractive serving dishes at yard sales, “I’m a big believer that you eat with your eyes first”. I agree!

I do believe my coffee tastes better when it is ‘artfully’ served. Whether in a lovely ceramic cup or a paper ‘to go’ container, the ‘coffee art’ on top sets it off and mixes in nicely creating a delicious and satisfying coffee drink.

This Coffee Latte Artwork is becoming a huge aspect of coffee houses and their service.  My first encounter of a lovely decorated latte was at Lola Coffee in Phoenix.

Since then, I have experienced and enjoyed several…especially a variety of designs at Cartel Coffee Lab and other places like Urban Beans.

All of these coffee works of art take talent and is every bit as artful as a painting.

Watching the process is like a magic show.    You see it happening but it is hard to believe what the end result is with just a pouring in of milk and swishing it back and forth a bit. Coffee Art Magic

THOSE are the ones that truly impress me. However, even the others that are decorated with artful movements and additions of dark coffee or even chocolate, are amazing, too, and deserve recognition for talent it took to create them!

The following photos were sent to me by a friend.


And my favorites:

Those magic shows? You just have to watch! Here is another one of the many videos showing this magical talent.

  • Tommy says:

    I have watched in awe and marveled at how they can create a beautiful design simply by the way they pour the milk into the coffee. Truly an art form.

  • Hannah says:

    These are great! I haven’t seen anything but the “leaf” and “heart” patterns before. Love the monkey, lion, ship at sunset, Saturn and stars – well, ya know, I like ’em all! How fun! I’m going to have to start drinking lattes instead of plain black coffee!

  • Julia says:

    At least have one just for the fun of it!! But be careful, you might get hooked!

  • Alice says:

    Art in any form is amazing to me. But this is like chalk pavement artists, and sand sculpturers, and phenomenal cake decorators and the like – the art is intricate, complex, takes incredible talent and then Swoosh! it’s gone. Wow is all I can say!

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