Be Mine?

Ok – It’s TIME!  What are your favorite ways to say “Be Mine” on Valentine’s Day?

It is almost February and fair enough to start thinking about hearts and flowers and chocolates and kisses and … oh so many ways to share them!  Seeing Valentines in the stores before Christmas was a bit disconcerting to me; but now with the new year well underway, February just around the corner, and these emails showing up, I am a lot more excited about Valentines!

There are so many places to go, things to do, and ways to say “I love you” —  let’s get started!   (coffee and chocolate, a picnic, a dance, strawberries and chocolate, more coffee…and this is just a beginning)

From Roger’s Gourmet Coffee

Say “Be Mine” with a Chocolate Coffee Sampler – Save 10%!

From the Farm at South Mountain:

Also available at The Farm for Valentine’s DayQuiessence is open for Dinner on Sunday and Monday; Morning Glory Cafe is open on Monday.

From Starbucks:          Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Sweetie from Starbucks

AND… From the Hotel Del Coronado:    What could be sweeter?

An Evening of Dining and Dancing at the



Let’s have some fun! How do you like to say ‘Be Mine’?

What are some the most romantic:  Places, Foods, Gifts, and Celebrations you’ve discovered for Valentine’s Day?

  • Alice says:

    These are great ideas – I’ll have to settle for Starbuck’s (still a good thing!)since that’s just “down the road” but the Hotel Del Coronado would be where my (Valentine)heart is!

  • Julia says:

    I think we should all ‘follow our hearts’ and sometimes dreaming is a way to soothe the heart. Maybe treat yourself to a lovely cup of rich aromatic coffee and dream on!

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