Rainy Day Comfort Food

One summer afternoon -many years ago–my husband and I were taking advantage of a rare opportunity to have some time to ourselves. Our children were finally old enough to be busy with their own activities without the help or supervision of mom and dad, and we decided to drive over to Boulder, Colorado, (we were living on the outskirts of Denver, near the foothills).  Being a university town, Boulder was always a fun place to visit, exploring the many unique boutiques and eateries. This particular afternoon as we wandered along the Pearl Street Mall, we were caught in one of those fun sudden summer downpours and dashed into a little shop where we enjoyed a cup of tea and a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie.

Of course, I have been eating and enjoying chocolate chip cookies as far back as I can remember, but now, every time I eat one –or even just THINK  of eating one, I remember that experience in Boulder.  It was a special day, just being the two of us for a change, so there is more connected to the experience than just the cookie.

The experience also reinforced my desire to bake (usually chocolate chip cookies) on rainy days. Thank goodness I now live where it doesn’t rain often, although if I lived elsewhere, perhaps I would get over that urge?

While traveling, we often splurge with a chocolate chip cookie and a cup of coffee or tea, especially if the cookies look exceptionally good (or we are especially hungry!)

Chocolate chip cookies are almost as ‘American’ as apple pie (hmm…I should tell you about my apple pie quest last fall and my success at discovering a couple great options.) For now, I am realizing how often I get comfort from a Chocolate Chip Cookie. As for my husband, his middle initial is ‘C’ and everyone in the family knows it stands for ‘Cookie’!! (and even more: ‘Chocolate Chip Cookie!’)

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